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  • Silverlake MCM

    Kimberly has become extraordinarily valuable. She is an exceptionally resourceful individual who has helped me with organizing my work, upgrading the design of my website, teaching me how to do new things, and even organizing my house and garage. 
    I’m thrilled with my new kitchen!  She’s managed many home improvement projects for me and I’m always impressed with her knowledge. 

    Silverlake MCM
    Los Angeles, CA
    Project Management, Interior Design, Organization, Web Design, Landscaping, Research, Bookkeeping
  • Leimert Park Office Space

    Kimberly, I didn’t know my office could be so inviting. I find myself just sitting in there enjoying the ambiance. I feel ready to produce big results! 

    Leimert Park Office Space
    Los Angeles, CA
    Office Organization
  • Remote Assistant

    Kimberly is by far the most organized person I know! She’s creative, dedicated and upbeat.  I highly endorse her work ethic.

    Remote Assistant
    Sioux Falls, SD
    Research, Digital Design & Organization
  • Tech Support

    You are & have always been incredible, to say the least! Thank you for helping my little business run so smoothly. I could NOT do it without you!


    Tech Support
    Los Angeles, CA